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We rarely engage in one-off projects. Instead we try to build long-term relationships with our Clients. That's because we value the trust our Clients put in us, we never let them down and because we usually help in pretty complex ventures that require iterative development and continuous innovation.

Briefcase News Ltd is a mission critical application for a City of London research firm serving FTSE100 Clients. The app supports building and delivery of targeted, sector-specific business briefings for busy, high-profile execs. Our system actively monitors around 500 news sources (press agencies, major newspapers, TV, aggregators, etc) across the globe & processes around 1M content items per day. A back office webapp provides search & publishing tools for our Client's researchers. A user-facing web app and iOS app serve the valuable content to the end users 



Triptease Ltd

Triptease is an award-winning suite of digital tools tailored for hoteliers. The platform is intended to help hoteliers optimize their website to increase direct bookings with insights, messaging, price comparisions and personalised campaigns. Goodylabs has been with Triptease since day one. Our engineering team has helped Triptease go through the turbulent times of finding their market fit, architect and build their successful B2B product and grow their own engineering team. 

klub naturaklub natura

klub natura

Natura sp. z o.o.

klub natura is a mobile app available for iOS and Android platforms. The app features a loyalty programme as well as user-tailored product recommendations, bonuses etc. at goodylabs we've developed the app for both platforms as well as the Restful APIs that feed the content. 



Loyalty Partner Polska

Payback is Poland's largest loyalty programme. goodylabs delivered a set of RESTful APIs used by Payback's mobile app, as well as a big-data platform that facilitates user behaviour analysis. 



ruch s.a.

ruch is a 100 years old press distributor delivering newspapers and magazines to over 15000 retail points countrywide. With a network of over 2000 kiosks Ruch is also a major player in small format retail sales. Recently the company has also engaged in logistics and parcel delivery. goodylabs develops and maintains an integrated e-commerce platform for digital and traditional press subscriptions. 



e-kiosk s.a.

e-kiosk is Poland's largest digital press distributor. The company distributes digital press as well as e-books and audio books through it's modern website and a suite of mobile applications. goodylabs has developed a unique, cross-browser, JavaScript e-book/e-press reader compatible with all major digital content formats. 




21D is one of Europe's largest online jewelery stores. we helped 21D to implement the e-commerce platfrom together with a do-it-yourself jewelery configurator. The platform is built on top of the leading e-commerce angine from SAP Hybris and handles the entire order, manufacuring and delivery process for ~6M configurable products from a number of european suppliers. 



FreshMinds Talent Ltd

FreshMinds is a large UK talent research / recruitment agency. goodylabs developed a BPM solution integrating a number of SaaS platforms that all mange online job applications. In addition the platform serves hundreds of micro sites advertising particular recruitments campaigns 



Galeria Sztuki PERSONALART

personalart is an online art gallery that focuses on contemporary artists from Poland. goodylabs maintains the gallery's e-commerce platform and helps improving conversion rates. 

Qπш Robert KupiszQπш Robert Kupisz

Qπш Robert Kupisz

Art Works sp. z o.o.

Robert Kupisz is one of Poland's most recognized fashion designers. goodylabs was chosen as an IT partner for the development of an e-commerce platform, that's scalable enough to handle the demand for one of the hottest fashion brands in the country. 



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