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#about us

goodylabs is a small but effective software house. The company was founded in 2011 by three colleagues – experienced IT architects and developers with years of professional experience. The founders have worked in the IT industry for almost two decades and have successfully completed numerous complex IT projects for largest Polish banks and international Telco operators accross the globe. Our mission is helping startups and existing companies in building elastic and scalable Internet technologies. We believe that our experience in working with the 'heavyweight’ clients, our enthusiasm, passion and sense of humour is a unique mixture that any IT project can benefit from.

We're agile, we iterate fast & try to keep a hassle-free work environment. If you hire us, we'll get you a small, dedicated and self-managing squad.
We value transparency - you'll be a member of our team, you'll see how we progress and we will give you access to our toolset.
We believe in personal relations - we hope to work on your project hand in hand with you for a week or two, to get to know each other, to develop mutual trust, to make friends and have fun at work.

#our values

We are a team of individuals that share common passion. We want to keep building a culture where people only want to leave when they retire. We're super chilled when it's time for a coffee break & bloody serious when it comes to reviewing code.
dokładnieExcel at what you do We step in when others give up. We are more than just a software house. We are engineers that always go the extra mile.
na czasAct swiftly We are agile, we're flexible and we act fast. We respond in the blink of an eye. We don't signal problems but deliver solutions.
korzystnieBe pragmatic Technology is great, but only when it brings value for the Client. We drive a digital transformation, rather than digitalise the existing mess.

#what we do

We help businesses build tools and products and grow their own engineering teams. We build web & mobile applications using the latest and greatest technologies. We help you choose the right tools to solve your problem and deliver the final solution on time and within budget. Our engineers architect robust, scalable and extendable IT platforms that power our Clients' businesses.
We develop blazingly fast RESTful APIs and stunning, device - optimized front ends both for the web and native.

Here're the technologies we've tried and found great:
Ruby on Rails
...and a handful of great tools our dev team are using to make the impossible happen:
Elastic Search
Mongo DB
React JS & React Native


Drop us a line! Let's chat or jump on a quick call if you think we could help you or if you'd like to learn more about how we work and what we do. Chat directly with our CEO Pawel or send us an email to goodies@goodylabs.com.
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